Joselyn Rivera was born on November 23, 1994 to Puerto Rican parents in the city of Pembroke Pines, Florida. Born two months premature, she faced many health issues which had her in and out of hospitals.  During those first years, she seemed quite different, concerning her parents and teachers. Because of her extreme shyness, and her refusal to speak, people and doctors misdiagnosed her.  The worried parents sought guidance from many different specialists.  After many visits, they would follow the advice of that one doctor, that instead of medications, they try music as therapy.  Luckily for her and all of us, music would soon break her out of her shell, and expose her passion for singing.  Soon a booming personality followed and a performer was born.

As a teenager, she realized that her love for music was more than therapy.  That music was to be a lifelong pursuit, a vehicle to reach others and ease their pain. Her first public performance, took place when she was 10 at a local outdoor market. From that moment, she began singing at school shows and local venues. In 2009 her mom opened a vocal performance academy.   Joselyn and many of the students performed regularly around the South Florida area.  The company named “Artistic-Explosion” was the perfect platform for Joselyn to refine her craft.  She participated in many competitions, and won a local Spanish Television show “Aqui Todos Ganan”.  After her winning performance, she would soon be linked to Emilio Estefan.

Joselyn has performed before thousands of people before.  Singing for Monday Night Football, The Florida Derby, The opening of Marlins new baseball stadium and the Miami Heat.
She has been an invited guest on Cavalia, singing before Archisbishop Desmond Tutu.
She has also been involved in charity videos for City of Hope Cancer Research and Somos el Mundo,(We are the World), raising funds for Haiti’s hurricane victims.
She has participated Christmas 2011 Univision television special, Nuestra Navidad.

Now she is a happy and grateful contestant of The Voice season 3.  Millions of viewers have witnessed her arrival and seen her growth. She is grateful for the opportunity she has been given, and has been working hard to repay those who have had faith in her.
She is a tireless worker and a student of the art of music and performance.  Her studio/lab is where she spends most of her time.  She is always singing, choreographing new routines, writing songs or playing the piano.

Joselyn is vivacious, sometimes silly, always witty, and a good friend to everybody.  She has been blessed with a great work ethic; and is wise beyond her years.